Renewable Energy! Federalism! ABA Writing Competition!

The ABA is sponsoring a writing competition on the tension between federal and state law in regulating renewable energy.  The deadline is November 30, 2010.  And with a maximum of just 2000 words, this is a great way to both show off your brevity and participate in a writing competition without having to write a lengthy paper.  See below for more details.

The Tension between Federal and State Law In Supporting and Regulating the Development of Renewable Energy or Distributed Energy Resources

Submission information:

Submissions must be through email to by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on November 30, 2010.  Submissions must not exceed 2,000 words in length (a maximum of approximately 8 pages) on double-spaced 12-point typed pages using Bluebook law review format for citations.  Each page must have a header including the title of the paper and a page number.  For anonymous evaluation of the entries, no information that could identify the author should appear anywhere in the body of the paper, including in the header.  Each entry must have a separate cover sheet (not included in the 2,000 word limit) that includes the following contact information: (1) name; (2) address; (3) phone number; (4) email address; (5) law school; and (6) paper title.  Any relevant article or essay may be submitted for the competition, including writing submitted for academic credit.  Papers that have been previously published are not eligible for the competition.  A paper must be the original work of the individual student submitting the entry.

Judging: Papers will be subject to a blind review process.  The panel of judges will judge the papers anonymously, without knowledge of the author’s name or law school. Papers will be evaluated by the following criteria:  (1) originality and thoughtfulness; (2) writing quality; (3) analysis and reasoning; (4) quality and use of research; and (5) compliance with the competition rules.  Winning entries will be published in an ABA publication, a special edition Renewable, Alternative & Distributed Energy Resources Committee newsletter in May 2011.

Winning Entries: Winning entries will be announced and winners notified in February 2011.


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