Climate in the News

As world leaders gather in Cancun for the UN Climate Change Conference (the sixteenth Conference of the Parties on climate change), climate change has been in the news lately. First, scientists are predicting that by the end of the century, global temperatures could rise by FOUR degrees (not just two) due to climate change. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who believe that increases in the Earth’s temperature are caused by human activities has dropped to just 50% (down from 63% in 2003). A recent study correlates the economic downturn with American skepticism about climate change. Meanwhile, yesterday the Times had a good article on how Indonesia’s attempts to receive payments from Norway to reforest as a way of mitigating climate change are receiving sharp criticism from Greenpeace. Faced with international (and domestic) stagnation on climate change action, there are always individuals steps: the Philadelphia Eagles are planning to have their new stadium run completely on self-generated electricity. Here’s to hoping Cancun does better than Copenhagen.


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