Is your booze vegan?

You spend your life avoiding animal products in your food and personal care products because you are committed to the ethical treatment of animals and the environment.  Did you ever wonder whether your favorite pint of beer reflects that principle?

Distillers, winemakers and brewers often use animal ingredients in the production and processing of their products. The most likely places for animal products to show up in the process include using dairy and other animal products in the manufacture of the products, and using egg whites, gelatin, fish bladder and other products in the purification process.

Thankfully, Barnivore, the “vegan beer and wine guide” provides a guide to the vegan-friendliness of many popular beers, wines and spirits.  They (and their readers) contact manufacturers directly to learn more about their process, and then list them in a database on the Barnivore website with a rating of “vegan friendly,” “not vegan friendly,” or “some vegan options.”

You may be happy to learn that local brewers Sixpoint and Brooklyn Brewery are both mainly vegan!  And while your Bombay martini is animal-free, a glass of Arbor Mist melon White Zinfandel, sadly, is not.


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