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Environmental stories in the news today…

Putting the heat on UBS to stop financing mountain-top removal. Pressuring investors to take action on environmental issues by making the “business case” for environmental protections is strategy that has met with some success.  Today, World Radio Switzerland had a story about mounting pressure on UBS to stop financing mountaintop removal mining (no pun intended).  If you love mountains, be sure to check out the story.

Mercury exposure lawsuit begins in New Jersey. A day care that was built in a former thermometer factory in Franklin Lakes, NJ resulted in over 100 children being exposed to high levels of mercury.  A trial will start tomorrow that will determine whether or not defendants are liable for long-term health monitoring costs.   More details are available in the full story.

Outlook not so good for next month’s climate change summit in Cancun. The last pre-convention meeting of the delegates to the UN Climate Change Summit (taking place in November in Cancun) concluded this past Saturday in China.  Unfortunately, with disagreement among countries still running rampant, the outlook for any concrete steps coming out of the Cancun summit is bleak.  Read more from the WSJ by clicking here.

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